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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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Blacks, grey, neutrals and stripes - these are the patterns and colors that never go out of style and make up the bulk of my closet.

Whether it's navy on white, black on cream or heathered grey - I'm a big fan of stripes. Dressed up or down, they make a great look for work and play. For the longest time, I was on the hunt for the perfect navy and white striped long-sleeve shirt. I've been obsessing over these Saint James shirts, and then realized there were some better and more affordable alternatives.

J.Crew has a glammed up version of the striped shirt with metallic silver instead of white. Their painter boatneck tee is also a good option for a more casual look. This H&M one is the striped shirt I currently own. I loved the body-hugging fit look and the gold buttons on the shoulders so much... I bought two! 

But stripes don't have to be just in tee-form! Stripes can elongate legs when worn as subtle pinstripes on a pantsuit. Or better yet, they can add some fun flair to a work outfit like this Eliza J Fit and Flare dress. For a budget-friendly version of the Kate Spade one that was super popular last year, try Cece by Cynthia Steffe Stripe Satin Dress (found at Nordstrom). It makes a great "work to cocktails" look.

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How will you wear stripes this spring? 

For more stripe inspiration, check out my board on Pinterest.

Looking to add stripes to your closet? Shop my picks below! 

tacos chukis // seattle's hidden gem

Friday, February 6, 2015

One of my latest food discoveries a few weeks back was Tacos Chukis - a little taco joint in Capitol Hill. Nestled in the upper corner of a mini-hodge podge of strip mall on Broadway, Tacos Chukis is a hidden gem of delicious street tacos, burritos and tortas. For less than $20, you can purchase at least half a dozen of tacos - which is enough to satisfy the cravings for two. 

The tacos and burritos come in a variety of meat and veggie fillings. My personal favorite is the Adobada which features marinated Al Pastor pork with sweet grilled pineapple. And no shame, I ate three tacos AND a baby burrito... It was that good. 

What new places in your neighborhood have you recently discovered or want to explore?

Grab a taco today: Tacos Chukis  //219 Broadway E // Seattle, Washington

Discovering Gems with the Lisa Bridge Collection

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last night, I was lucky enough to preview the new Lisa Bridge Collection from Ben Bridge and meet, Lisa in person! I had a wonderful time chatting gems with Lisa and the other bloggers. I absolutely loved learning about the different pieces, and the many places that inspired her new line. 

In total, Lisa made four collections for her line, which are all named after places she visited and loved! And what's great is you can see how each place is reflected in the jewelry - from the color to the setting of the stone. The four places she was inspired by were: Rio, Cascades, San Juans and Santorini. 

After looking at all four collections, it was really hard to narrow down my favorites... I liked them all!

The Cascades really caught my eye though - the mossy green color of the gems and even more so this gorgeous Labradorite and diamond ring! For Lisa, the pieces of the Cascade collection evokes the raw natural beauty of the mountain range and evokes untamed adventure. You can see it how all the gems are cut in angular shapes and hand-set for a unique look. 

Another collection I was drawn to, also inspired by the Pacific Northwest, is the San Juans collection. The ring above featuring the frosted rose quartz has a calming, beautiful and ethereal feel. 

The Santorini collection featured gorgeous blues and neutrals, and the Rio collection was bright, vibrant and full energy! I fell in love with the candy apple green color of the Chrysoprase, Chalcedony & Diamond Ring. See how I rocked the bling below? Like a natural. 

I had such a great time at the blogger event. Lisa is so passionate about what she does, and I loved learning about how she became a designer, her family history in the jewelry business and of course, discovering these beautiful new pieces! 

Thanks to Ben Bridge for hosting the event and for the lovely earrings from Lisa's San Juan collection! I absolutely adore them. 

she lifts bro // my first olympic weight lifting compettion

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would compete in an Olympic Weightlifting competition... Remember one year ago? I didn't even think I was going to stick with crossfit. 

But now I'm obsessed, drinking the kool-aid, throwing weights around, and constantly trying to get a PR at each session. 

After a month of freaking out and training from an awesome Coach (Lincoln Brigham of Gryphon Strength and Conditioning), I did it - my first ever Oly Meet at the 2015 Dariotis Memorial Weightlifting Championships in Kent, WA. I had been to a few meets before -- but just as a spectator. This was my first one going as a participant, and I had the absolute best time. 

Nervous? You betcha pretty bottom dollar. I was terrified. 

I completed four out of six lifts, medaled and learned a lot about myself that day. I'm beyond thrilled to cross this off my bucket list, and look forward to training for my next one in a few months. 

I think, more than anything, the thrill and excitement of this competition was the fact I was trying something new - something I was afraid of. To be able to conquer one of my fears, get over it, and challenge myself was the most rewarding part.  

{ A few action shots from the mock-meet to prep for the big day }

{ Day of the Meet }

{ Celebrating our wins } 

No matter the challenge -- whether it'd be running a marathon, competing at a weightlifting competition, taking a photography class or figuring out how to make homemade pasta -- those moments when we're learning and pushing ourselves to try something new -- that's an incredible moment worth celebrating. 

What are you hoping to celebrate in 2015?
Cheers to you and your "celebration" moments this New Year, and wishing you the best!

Photo cred: Coach Lincoln Brigham

my love for seattle // the upper left usa

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hope you all had a beautiful New Year! When I woke up on the first day of 2015, I thought to myself - boy, I am beyond lucky and grateful to be where I am. Seattle is just absolutely gorgeous.

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My main squeeze and I started our first day of the year with our annual walk through the city and by the waterfront (a snippet of our beautiful city above - a little moment captured on our quiet, cold morning adventure). Yes, yes... you may think I'm biased, but hey, I can't help it. I've lived in Oregon, Arizona and Texas prior to Seattle -- and there's just something about the fresh, crisp sea-salty air, all the green that is found in the ever so tall trees, the bustling noise of the city and those mountains... need I say more? Nature - city lights - open waters -- Seattle's got it all.

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Don't even get me started on the food scene. Yes, I know I know... I'm technically supposed to be eating clean/paleo-ish BUT on the weekends when I get my cheat meals... I CHEAT. And there's such an amazing restaurant scene in Seattle.

From top left corner and clockwise -- my favorite spot for oysters in Seattle: Walrus and the Carpenter; a delicious happy hour place with an amazing lemon ricotta cake dessert at Black Bottle in Belltown; green curry pork dumplings one of the best Korean short rib rice bowls at Revel; world famous soup dumplings, spicy wontons and shu mai at Din Tai Fung

From top left corner and clockwise -- Korean BBQ, a parfait truck and a noodle bar at Trove; homemade, slow churned ice cream and sweet-smelling waffle cones at Molly Moon's; amazing sushi at Shiro's; my favorite go-to pasta and Italian appetizer dishes at Tavolata (it's an Ethan Stowell restaurant, and his other places are super yummy, too). 

And of course, you can't go wrong with any of the Tom Douglas restaurants - all of his spots are divine. Even Anthony Bourdain is a big fan. 

For those of you who haven't had a chance to visit yet or are planning an adventure to the emerald city -- be sure to check out my a few of my favorite spots! Here's a round-up of seattle restaurants and seattle sweet treats to enjoy.

Need more reasons to travel to the pacific northwest? Follow me on Pinterest (below) as I share more reasons why I heart Seattle - including beautiful landmarks, sights to see and more.

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